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Sometimes it can be difficult to change a little your style because that can change your whole life. That's why we are here, we can help you find the perfect haircut, tattoo and what to wear with them.

Even if choosing a new haircut seems to be an easy task for you, we are sure that choosing a tattoo is not the same. Maybe that's because tattoos last a little more than a haircut.

The Team

CEW & Developer: Nadolu Bogdan

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Nadolu Bogdan is a software engineer who is passionate about tech, nature, fitness, sports and life.

Tattoo Artist & Tattoo Articles Reviewer: Marco Pepe

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Marco Pepe is a tattoo artist based in Naples, Italy who has 10 years of experience in the field. His aesthetics are characterized by strong, saturated colors and watercolor designs.

“The style that represents my work is ‘painting style’ or watercolor, but sometimes I feel a little bit restricted by these terms because behind my work there is a mix between techniques and research that go far beyond than that.

The research process is an essential part of my work, therefore I always try to go as deep as I can in order to offer my clients an unique tattoo and a different look.

I’m inspired by a lot of things: the architecture of my city, the way people walk, the street art and pop art. I like high-contrasting and saturated colors and also, I learn a lot through photography, discovering new lighting techniques and different approaches in terms of composition.

One of my main objectives in my work consist in detailing the texture as realistically as I can since the texture details makes a big difference and that’s why I always work on very rough papers or supports.

This is what makes me happy and I hope will make my clients happy, too.

Take good care of the ink on your skin! It will be your best friend for the rest of your life!“

Technical Writer: Melanie Dahling

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Melanie Dahling is a Toronto based writer, entertainer and stand up comedian. Her writing career begins with The Uniter in Winnipeg, Manitoba. Melanie worked as a beat reporter and was eventually hired as the Arts and Culture reporter, winning awards for best culture piece and best interview. Melanie now freelances as a blogger and copywriter. She is currently working on a one woman show and a Toronto based web series.

Marketing & Social Media: Babaianu Ed

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Babaianu Eduard is a marketing professional with a great taste in fashion. Spotting the good looking and discovering new trends are parts of his life.

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