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18 Awesome Box Braids Hairstyles for Men

18 Awesome Box Braids Hairstyles for Men, October 2, 2019

by MWT Team

Man wearing a box braids hairstyle

What Is A Box Braids Hairstyle?

Differentiating from other braid styles and cornrows, the box braids hairstyle is a square shape braiding style, in which the hair is not firmly fixed to the scalp.

Box braids are easy to mantain, lasting for months, and can be styled in various lengths and ways.

In the world of fashion, hairstyles come and hairstyles go, but Box braids hairstyles have become an increasingly popular alternative to chemical processing and other hairstyles that require higher maintenance.

Box braids are a protective hairstyle that is ideal for keeping natural hair healthy.

Box braids hairstyles are cute and sexy, and are fast becoming a popular trend for men and celebrities like Jessica Alba and non-celebrities as well.

From side box braids and classic French braids, there are many braids hairstyles that look awesome and are easy to do.

Box braids features individual plates, which are created by sectioning off hair into small squares and braiding from the roots.

Box braid involves the use of hair extensions and is quite popular with the African American community, as well as many other countries.

It is also one the most long-lasting of braids hairstyles.

It can be any width and length; many men choose to add extensions to their natural hair to create box braids that are long, full and think.

As well as being protective, box braids hairstyles are also low-maintenance, requiring minimal styling and washing.

Having said that, let’s see the types of box braids hairstyles available out there and which one you can choose to plate this month.

But, they are funkier and more sophisticated, thus you need to be aware of the look you want to achieve so as to make the right decision.

Box Braids with Short Hair

This type of box braids hairstyle is for any man.

If anyone has quite an interest in box braiding his hair, but maybe do not have hair that is long, he can in for this hair style.

He will most probably have to leave the braid be but the look will still look good and adorable.

Medium Box Braids

Medium box braids can create an eye-catching appearance without looking too bulky or thick.

As such, they’re ideal for those with delicate facial features.

Another benefit of this type of box braids is that they can more easily be worn in an up-do than thicker styles.

Box Braids with a Short Twist

When done correctly, there is no scope of box braids looking untidy.

The hair here is parted into boxes which are symmetrical, which makes the hair style even more desirable and appealing.

The twists are done neatly, ensuring a well-groomed look.

Long Hair Box Braids

A long box braids can be quite alluring.

You can either let your hair grow out that long and then box braid it or let the hair grow out a little then use hair extension to make it longer.

Thick Box Braids

Big box braids hairstyle does not only appear boldly stylish, but they also offer men’s hair more protection.

In addition to that, their large size allows for more defined section edges, meaning that one can create squares and other shapes.

Full Head Box Braids

Full head box braids with mid parting.

Forget the fade hairstyles incorporated into the box braids hairstyles; you can just go the simple way and have all the hair on your head plaited into amazing box braids.

Blonde Box Braids

Do you want to lighten your look? Blonde braids are a fantastic way to do it.

The best part is, by braiding in blonde hair extensions, you can completely transform your look without a drop of dye.


If you are the kind of man that adores uniqueness, this one will serve you well.

Most people will have their hair divided into square bits rather than in triangular portions.

It is possible for you to also to achieve this clean and neat look.

Jumbo Box Braids

It is much easier to make a ponytail with long hair.

All you need to do is purchase a nice elastic band that will hold your hair in place.

You could also spice up the look with accessories that could be silver, gold, etc.

Red Box Braids

For the men who like a statement style, red box braids are an excellent option.

All one need to do is pick his perfect hue.

From intense cherry red colors to rich burgundy tones, there are many of red shades from you which you can choose.

The History Of Box Braids Hairstyle

The Box Braids hairstyle can be traced back to Ancient Africa, when Namibian tribes wore this hairstyle as a symbol of wealth and power. Being an important social activity, the elders of the tribe would teach the youngest how to braid the hair and how to express themselves through hairstyles.

Although this hairstyle was worn by ages, it was not until the early '90s when the box braids became popular due to the Hip-Hop artists like Snoop Dogg and popstar Janet Jackson.

Box Braids Hairstyle Ideas

Box Braids Photo Gallery is here:

1. Curtain Box Braids

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2. Dyed Box Braids

Man with dyed box braids Photo credits

3. Snoop Dogg Box Braids

Snopp Dogg hairstyle Photo credits

4. Travis Scott Box Braids

Travis Scott hairstyle Photo credits

5. Faded Box Braids

Man with faded box braids hairstyle Photo credits

6. Red Box Braids

Boy with red box braids Photo credits

7. Thick Box Braids

Man with thick box braids hairstyle Photo credits

8. Ponytail Box Braids

Man with ponytail box braids Photo credits

9. Long Box Braids

Man with long box braids Photo credits

10. Short Box Braids

Man with short box braids Photo credits

11. Circular Box Braids

Man with circular box braids Photo credits

12. Low Fade Box Braids

Man with low fade box braids hairstyle Photo credits

13. Box Braids with Accessories

Man with box braids and hair accessories Photo credits

14. Top Knot Box Braids

Man with top knot box braids hairstyle Photo credits

15. Box Braids Bun

Man with box braids bun hairstyle Photo credits

16. Box Braids with Hat

Man with hat Photo credits

17. Thin Box Braids

Man with thin hair and box braids hairstyle Photo credits

18. Chris Brown Box Braids

Chris Brown hairstyle Photo credits

Tell us here what is your favourite box braid hairstyle!

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