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25 Flawless Butch Cut Hairstyles for Men

25 Flawless Butch Cut Hairstyles for Men, October 20, 2019

by MWT Team

John Cena wearing a butch cut hairstyle

Butch Cut Hairstyle

There’s something sexy about a man bold enough to bare it all.

Many of today’s hottest, most masculine stars opt for super short hair that leaves them completely exposed with nothing to hide.

Some men may be shy about taking a chance on a bold, short haircut- and that’s mostly because of the misconception that a short style eliminates any kind of versatility or touchability.

It’s nice to have a look that keeps you cool at the gym, but has some length to play with when going out on dates.

What Is A Butch Cut Hairstyle?

The butch haircut gives you the bold feeling of a buzzcut, but leaves you with some length.

There are two types of butch haircuts, the all one length butch, and the butch fade.

The all one length butch cut is exactly what it sounds like, the hair is the same length all over your head.

This is a great style for men who have mastered the art of buzzing their own head, and don’t have time for twice monthly visits to the barber.

To achieve an all one length butch haircut, just keep your hair about a quarter of an inch all the way around your head.

This is going to require a 3 or 4 guard, so start with 4 and see how you feel.

The butch fade has the illusion of being all one length, but the sides are actually a touch shorter- giving you a little more dimension.

This is a great option if you want to achieve that action star look, but have a bit of a rounder face.

A light fade can give your facial features a boost, and will give you a slightly more chiseled appearance than the all one length version of the cut.

The butch fade will require a little more practice and agility with your clippers, because you’re graduating from one length to another and it should look seamless.

Leave this up to a trusted barber for the first few cuts and then maybe you can try some at home when you’ve had a chance to observe and ask questions.

Who Should Wear The Butch Haircut?

The butch hairstyle is a great cut for men who aren’t as into flaunting their feminine side- it definitely strays more toward the masculine side of the binary.

Take a look at Channing Tatum, Ryan Jamaal Swain, Nick Jonas, Jake Gyllenhaal, and Will Smith- they’ve all opted for the classic butch haircut for men at one point or another.

And while these celebs are considered stylish and sexy, they have sporty, macho reputations based on their looks.

The butch cut is a great option for men who like the look of a buzzcut or bald head, but don’t want to be as on display.

Typically more extreme short cuts look best on a guy with a chiseled jaw, high cheekbones, and large facial features.

If you aren’t gifted with Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson’s features but still want a brawny, athletic look- look no further than the butch cut.

If you have textured hair, this can be a nice way to tame your tresses while still showing off your beautiful locks.

Guys with thin hair may find that a traditional buzz cut makes their hair look even thinner, because they’re lacking the thickness to create that uniform shadow that makes a buzz cut look so sharp.

A butch cut, especially a butch fade, will make your thin hair appear denser without it being so long that it starts to look lank.

How Do I Maintain A Butch Cut?

The misconception about short hair is that it’s low maintenance.

There are many urban legends about a short haircut that makes life that much easier.

While it’s true that short hair cuts down on shower time and makes trips to the gym easier, it is the farthest thing from low maintenance.

If you want your butch haircut to look good, as with most things in life, you need to take proper care of it.

Bi-Weekly Trims

Hair grows about half an inch per month. Not so noticeable if you’re rocking a soft, Timothée Chalamet look, but when your hair is only a quarter of an inch long, which means it’s going to double in length in no time at all.

Get your initial cut from a barber. If you are confident with clippers, then keep up the cut at home. Otherwise, you’ll want to make appointments every two weeks.

If you’re worried about the effect this may have on your wallet, chat with your barber- Many barber shops will give you a discount for a style that takes less time to cut, and for your regular patronage.

They can likely squeeze you in between more high maintenance cuts, making it a mutually beneficial exchange.

Even if you’re turning your kitchen sink into your own personal barbershop- You should still visit a barber for some extra pampering every couple of months or so.

Because your scalp is going to need some extra love.

Scalp Health

With longer hair, your scalp is protected and natural oils are locked in.

With a butch cut, your scalp is more exposed to the elements.

This means you’ll need to help it out, or risk developing scalp conditions like dandruff or even eczema in some cases.

Some folks may already have these conditions, and the short hair merely exposes them.

Once a week or so, you’re going to want to exfoliate your scalp.

Not only does this gently remove dry dead skin and increase cell renewal, it also stimulates your hair follicles - which allows for healthy hair growth.

A butch haircut looks best on healthy hair, because every one of your strands is on display!

There are many useful scalp exfoliation scrubs and scalp shampoos on the market that can help you out with this.

You can also make your own exfoliating treatment with coconut oil, sugar, apple cider vinegar, turmeric and honey.

Just mix the ingredients in a bowl or jar, take a small amount in your hands, and rub directly onto the scalp in circular motions before stepping into the shower.

These ingredients will exfoliate and soften your scalp while promoting growth- just make sure you rinse them out properly.


Your scalp is not used to seeing the sun, so if you get a butch haircut- be sure to protect it.

Don’t use regular sunscreen on your noggin- it will be much too heavy and make your hair look greasy.

Ask your barber for recommendations.


Depending on your hair texture, you may want to use a small amount of product to keep the hair you do have from looking too poofy or frizzy.

For a butch haircut, a tiny pea sized amount of product will work great when massaged into damp hair.

Typically hair creams are a nice way to go, because they aren’t too sticky. Some pomades, gels, and pastes will gum up a sleep haircut - so stick to something touchable.

You can always go in with a tiny amount of paste when your hair is dry to perfect your texture up top.

Butch Cut Haistyle Photo Gallery

Not sure if you’re ready to bare it all?

Check out our gallery for some butch haircut inspiration

1. The Low Faded Butch Cut

Man Wearing A Low Faded Butch Cut Photo credits

2. The High Fade Butch Cut

Man Wearing A High Fade Butch Cut Photo credits

3. The Temp Fade Butch Cut

Man Wearing A Temp Fade Butch Cut Photo credits

4. The Creative Fade Butch Cut

Man Wearing A Creative Fade Butch Cut Photo credits

5. Bald Fade Butch Cut

Man Wearing A Bald Fade Butch Cut Photo credits

6. The Justin Bieber Butch Cut

Justin Bieber Wearing A Butch Cut Hairstyle Photo credits

7. The Regular Butch Cut

Man Wearing A Regular Butch Cut Photo credits

8. The Comb Over Butch Cut

Man Wearing A Comb Over Butch Cut Photo credits

9. Butch Cut with Sunglasses

Man Wearing A Butch Cut Hairstyle with Sunglasses Photo credits

10. The Justin Timberlake Butch Cut

Justin Timberlake Wearing A Butch Cut Hairstyle Photo credits

11. Military Butch Cut

Man Wearing A Military Butch Cut Photo credits

12. The Shape Up Butch Cut

Man Wearing A Shape Up Butch Cut Photo credits

13. Ginger Butch Cut

Man Wearing A Ginger Butch Cut Photo credits

14. The Dyed Butch Cut

Man Wearing A Dyed Butch Cut Photo credits

15. The Grey Butch Cut

Man Wearing A Grey Butch Cut Photo credits

16. Color Designed Butch Cut

Man Wearing A Color Designed Butch Cut Photo credits

17. Blue Butch Cut

Man Wearing A Blue Butch Cut Photo credits

18. The Kanye West Butch Cut

Kanye West Wearing A Butch Cut Hairstyle Photo credits

19. Maluma Butch Cut Hairstyle

Maluma Wearing A Butch Cut Hairstyle Photo credits

20. Jake Gyllenhaal

Jake Gyllenhaal Wearing A Butch Cut Hairstyle Photo credits

21. Zayn Malik

Zayn Malik Wearing A Butch Cut Hairstyle Photo credits

22. Michael B. Jordan

Michael B. Jordan Wearing A Butch Cut Hairstyle Photo credits

23. Tom Hardy Butch Cut

Tom Hardy Wearing A Butch Cut Hairstyle Photo credits

24. Ryan Reynolds Butch Cut

Ryan Reynolds Wearing A Butch Cut Hairstyle Photo credits

25. John Cena

John Cena Wearing A Butch Cut Hairstyle Photo credits

The butch haircut is a simple cut that takes a lot of work, but is worth it in the end for that sexy action star look.

Tell us here what is your favourite butch cut hairstyle!

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