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20 Best French Crop Hairstyles

20 Best French Crop Hairstyles, September 29, 2019

by MWT Team

Man wearing a french crop hairstyle

French Crop Hairstyle

The French crop is a haircut that’s been modelled by a number of sex symbols over the years, from classicly handsome George Clooney, to baby faced Zac Efron, and most recently we’ve seen the style worn by the striking Cillian Murphy in the hit war era show Peaky Blinders.

Suddenly, everyone’s asking themselves “how do I get that French crop style?”

In terms of its basic shape, the French crop is nothing new.

Haircuts that are short on the sides and long on the top tend to be universally flattering, because the short sides bring definition to the face, while the tousle-able top has a softening effect.

Some guys can rock a buzz cut, but we don’t all have the strong facial features of Idris Elba or Channing Tatum!

What is a French Crop Hairstyle?

Similar to Caesar Cut, the French Crop is a short haircut with faded sides and medium to long fringe.

The secret to a great French crop haircut is to keep the faded line on the sides equal to the faded line on the back of the head.

French Crop Hairstyle Guide

The French crop hairstyle is ideal for men with receding hairlines and also for men with round face.

Whether you have thin hair or thick frizzy hair this hairstyle is suitable for you as long as you visit your barber on a regular basis. Being easy to maintain, the French crop hairstyle can offer you a stylish look with minimum effort for maximum effect.

If you are the kind of guy who wants to experiment with various hairstyles, you can opt between a skin fade French crop combined with long square beard or a dyed French crop haircut combined with a short ducktail beard.

Similar Styles

The French crop haircut has been compared to the Caesar haircut, which is quite similar.

The difference being that the Caesar cut specifically refers to a style that’s short on the sides, with straight bangs cut horizontally across the forehead and pushed forward.

Because of its more severe fringe, the Caesar haircut is generally worn by someone bold with chiseled features who doesn’t mind standing out from the crowd.

The French crop gives its wearer some versatility in the fringe. It can be worn slicked back, swept to the side, messy, or with little wispy fringe pieces of hair across the forehead.

Taking a look back to 2013, it’s easy to see how men’s fashion has come to embrace the French crop hairstyle.

When Macklemore came out with his single Thrift Shop, every guy wanted to steal his style. Macklemore had what is probably the most extreme version of the short on the sides long on the top men’s haircut.

His style, known as an undercut, featured extremely short sides with a swooping tidal wave of long hair either slicked back or combed to the side. This undercut hairstyle became popular for all genders for a few years, but has since faded out.

As guys who wore their hair like Macklemore in their 20s grow older, they may want to choose something a little more subdued and sophisticated.

What to Ask for at the Barber

Tell your favourite barber that you’re looking for a French crop, and bring in a few photos of your favourite styles.

After assessing your face shape, talking about how often you’re able to come in for maintenance, how you’d like to wear it, and what types of products you prefer to use, your stylist will be able to come up with a perfect French crop for your lifestyle.

In the event your barber doesn’t know what a French crop haircut is, arm yourself with some expert hair-speak:

 1. Ask for a straight line high fade haircut on the sides
 2. Trim the hair on the top between 1 or 2 inches
 3. Ask for a short to medium symmetrical fringe

Benefits of the French Crop

The French crop is a great style for someone who wants to glow up from their undercut years, look ready to take on the corporate world while also having some sexy texture to play with while out on the town.

For guys with thinning hair, this is an ideal cut. Thin or fine hair falls flat when it becomes too long, because the hair isn’t thick enough to maintain volume in longer styles.

It’s often tempting to grow out your thinning locks, because more always seems to be better.

But fine hair gets weighed down by length, and will actually make your hair look stringy.

A French crop will help you feel like you still have some length to play with, but will make the hair you do have look full.

It’s also a youthful look without being childish, so you’ll be able to maintain your boyish charm while keeping it age appropriate.

Silver foxes tend to look extra handsome with a French crop. Depending on how multi tonal your gray hair is, it may not look as good in a longer style.

If your hair has more white than gray, it will look thin as it gets longer because of its translucent qualities.

Keeping your wintery tresses closer to your head will help you shine like the diamond you are, and give you a fuller look.

Plus, a silver French crop is a classic look that’s incredibly sexy on any age.


If you’re not someone who likes to visit the barber too often, you’re in luck.

The French crop is a pretty easy cut to maintain. As your French crop grows out, it will keep the same shape, so it isn’t a fussy style at all.

However, if you like your sides to be super crisp, you will want to see your barber every 6 to 8 weeks to keep that fresh fade.

Be honest about how often you’re likely to come see your barber, and keep it realistic.

This will give them the best idea of how to cut your French crop.

How To Style The French Crop Haircut

Being a short haircut, the French crop won’t take much effort to style it.

If you’re going for a textured and tousled look, try a pea sized amount of pomade or paste after towel drying your hair.

If you like that slicked back look, a little drop of hair gel will do the trick.

For those gray and silver fellas out there, you may want a product that maximizes your shine.

Have fun and experiment! Most shops will give you samples of different products, so don’t be afraid to dive in and figure out what’s best for your new French crop.

Frech Crop Hairstyle Ideas

Still not sure if you should dive in?

Check out our gallery of French crop hairstyles below for a little inspiration.

1. French crop with medium beard

Content not available. Photo credits

2. French crop with bald temp fade

Man with french crop hairstyle and beard Photo credits

3. French crop with asymmetrical fringe & high fade

Portrait of a man with french crop hairstyle Photo credits

4. Ginger french crop with medium fringe

Man with asymmetrical fringe Photo credits

5. French crop with hard part and faded beard

Man with french crop with hard part and faded beard Photo credits

6. French crop with creative fade

Man with french crop hairstyle with creative fade Photo credits

7. Shaved sides french crop with short beard

Man with shaved sides french crop with short beard Photo credits

8. High fade french crop with asymmetrical fringe

Man with high fade french crop with asymmetrical fringe Photo credits

9. Textured french crop with high bald fade

Man with textured french crop with high bald fade Photo credits

10. Bald fade french crop with medium length beard

Man with bald fade french crop and medium length beard Photo credits

11. High fade french crop with medium beard

Man with high fade french crop and medium beard Photo credits

12. Dyed french crop with high fade

Man with dyed french crop hairstyle Photo credits

13. Spiky french crop with faded eyebrow

Man with spiky french crop hairstyle and faded eyebrow Photo credits

14. French crop with short beard

Man with french crop hairstyle and short beard Photo credits

15. Colored french crop with creative fade

Man with colored french crop hairstyle and creative fade Photo credits

16. High fade french crop with medium fringe

Man with high fade french crop hairstyle and medium fringe Photo credits

17. High fade french crop with short fringe

Man wearing a high fade french crop hairstyle with short fringe Photo credits

18. Bald fade french crop with tattoo

Man wearing bald fade french crop hairstyle with tattoo Photo credits

19. Spiky french crop with long beard

Man wearing spiky french crop hairstyle with long beard Photo credits

20. French crop with medium fringe

Man wearing french crop hairstyle with medium fringe Photo credits

Final Thoughts

The french crop is a classic, grown up style with a youthful fringe, so it’s perfect for any age or face shape.

While it is a trend at the moment, it will never go out of style, so you won’t be groaning at photos of your French crop 10 years from now.

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