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23 Coolest Long Hairstyles for Men

23 Coolest Long Hairstyles for Men, October 12, 2019

by MWT Team

Man with long hair

Long Hairstyles For Men

Long hairstyles for men have come and gone throughout history, and we’re definitely having a long hair moment this year.

Why Is Long Hair For Men Suddenly So Popular?

There could be many reasons for the popularity of long hair for men, one contributing factor is how open we are to different gender expressions these days. Gone are the days of binary “men” and “women’s” fashion.

The new rules are simple: If you like it, you can wear it. What’s more masculine than taking charge and having the confidence it takes to pull off a look you love without caring who disapproves?

Another reason we’re seeing long locks on men may be the popularity of Game of Thrones.

Many of the male cast members on the show have long tresses that frame their faces in a strikingly handsome way.

There’s no way everyone’s watching purely for the storylines- they want to get a look at those luscious manes! (Among other things…) Jason Momoa solidified the long hair for men = sexy concept when he splashed onto the screen as Aquaman.

Lastly, long hair is typically seen as an act of rebellion.

No matter what side you’re on politically, there seems to be a general sense of unrest among the people right now.

When the powers that be let us down, we rebel by challenging the status quo.

Despite years of many different styles coming and going, we can’t seem to shake the stigma that men are meant to have short hair. When men let their hair grow long, they are making the statement that they refuse to let anyone define them.

A guy with long hair is one who refuses to assimilate or blend in.

Do Women like a Guy with Long Hairstyle?

You may be saying to yourself- “Well, that’s all very well and good- but I want to get dates. Do straight women like a guy with short hair?”

Yes and no. When asked, 75% of straight women will say they prefer short hair on a guy. But this is in theory, not in practice.

Some of the top sex symbols of the moment have long hair, including our friend Jason Mamoa, and Keanu Reeves who is having a huge come back moment.

Harry Styles cut his signature coif recently and was met with a barrage of criticism on Twitter for it- so clearly we have a few fans of long hair for men out there!

Yes, these men are all above average in terms of good looks. But it’s best to put that out of your mind and focus on what you have to offer.

Long hair on men can be a great way to showcase your playful and sexy personality.

It makes you stand out from a crowd instantly, and the right person will be super into that.

When a woman says she doesn’t find long hair attractive, she’s probably thinking of a man who has no idea how to take care of his long hair, who doesn’t wear it well, and who has the features to pull off a long hairstyle.

How To Grow A Long Hair

Long Hairstyles are one of our favourite hairstyles, but growing a long hair might be a difficult process. Here are a few tips to stimulate a faster hair growth:

 1. The most important thing you should consider for having a long hair is PATIENCE. Keep in mind that, normally, a healthy hair grows 0.5 inch per month.
 2. You can speed up the growth process using an efficient hair growth serum product.
 3. Another healthy tip is to massage your scalp every day to increase the blood flow, which stimultates your hair to grow faster, according to dermatologists.
 4. Eat healthy and stay hydrated.
 5. Use a nutritive masque at least twice per month and brush your hair every day!

Choosing The Right Long Hairstyle For Men

When you take care of your long hair, it shows prospective romantic connections that you aren’t afraid to put in the work to make something the best it can be.

That’s a great plus both on dates, in relationships, and in the bedroom.

Most men can pull off long hair, but what style you choose is important depending on your face shape, how often you’re willing to see the hairstylist, and how much work you’re willing to put into it.

Men with exaggerated or intense features look great with long hair because it showcases their unique qualities while having a “softening” effect on their faces.

If you have piercing blue eyes for example, you may look more intimidating with short hair, while with long hair you look like a dashing character from a fantasy novel!

Choose something with a subtle layered look for an overall softening.

For our friends with masculine, chiseled faces- just about any style will work with your features. You handsome devils.

Men with round faces are probably the worst candidates for a long hairstyle, but don’t fret! You just need something to give you a little more definition.

Try a pulled back or tousled undercut to draw the eye upward, giving you that volume you need.

The fade on the sides will give you some definition and you’ll be able to cheat some chisel into your features.

If you have fine hair or are starting to go bald, a men’s long hairstyle is not the look for you.

Keep your look above the ears, but you can have fun with texture. Talk to your stylist about products that will help beef up your locks, and try blow drying your mane after a shower to give your roots an extra boost of volume.

Just be sure to use a heat protectant product!

How To Take Care Of Your Long Hairstyle

After a refreshing shower, it’s tempting to want to ruffle your hair up with a towel- but this can cause all kinds of breakage.

Better to squeeze out excess water gently before stepping out of the shower, then continue that action with a nice fluffy towel.

Try to air dry your hair more often than not if you can.

You can always add some volume by blow-drying it once it’s most of the way dry, but putting too much heat on your hair can stress out your strands, leading to more breakage.

With short hair, you can hide a sneaky split end or two- but long hair puts your locks on display!

So take care of it. If you’re a guy on the go, grab a heat protecting product and use it before every blow dry.

Ditch the dollar store shampoos and grab something specially formulated for your hair type.

You wouldn’t feed nutritionally bankrupt products to your dog, so apply that logic to your glossy coat. If budget is an issue, try a Lush shampoo bar. They are about $11 each, last forever, and will treat you right.

Whenever you have some spare time, try a hair mask. These are most effective when done once every 14-30 days.

You can grab one from the store, or make one with items you probably already have in your fridge. No time to look up fancy recipes?

Whip up a couple of eggs and run them through your hair. After you’ve let the runny mixture soak into your hair (maybe try tying it up and watching a movie, or catching up on those neglected emails!) Rinse it out and enjoy your shiny, protein fortified head of hair.

Long Hair Styling Tips For Men

Styling a long hair starts with a professional nutritive shampoo and with an exfoliating scalp product to make your hair shiny and healthy.

For the styling part use a cream that doesn't leave your hair greasy.

Long Hairstyle Ideas For Men

Not every guy has what it takes to pull off long hair, but you’ll be a sure stand out at every function if you dare to go there.

Not sure if you’re ready to start the process? Here’s our gallery of long hair for men.

1. Wavy Long Hairstyle

Man with wavy long hair Photo credits

2. Samurai Long Hairstyle

Man with samurai long hairstyle Photo credits

3. Curly Long Hairstyle

Man with curly long hair Photo credits

4. Comb Over Long Hairstyle

Man with comb over long hair Photo credits

5. Side Part Long Hairstyle

Man with side part long hairstyle Photo credits

6. Slick Back Long Hairstyle

Man with long slick back hairstyle Photo credits

7. Curtain Straight Long Hairstyle

Man with long curtain hairstyle Photo credits

8. Blonde Long Hairstyle

Man with long blonde hair Photo credits

9. Top Knot Undercut Hairstyle

Man with top knot hairstyle Photo credits

10. Layered Long Hairstyle

Man with layered long hair Photo credits

11. Wavy Curtain Long Hair

Man with wavy long curtain hairstyle Photo credits

12. Frizzy Long Hairstyle

Man with long frizzy hair Photo credits

13. Ginger Long Hairstyle

Man with long ginger hair Photo credits

14. Grey Long Hairstyle

Man with long grey hair Photo credits

15. Headband Hairstyle

Man with headbeand Photo credits

16. Afro Hairstyle

Man with afro hairstyle Photo credits

17. Box Braids Hairstyle

Man with long box braids hairstyle Photo credits

18. French Braids Hairstyle

Man with long french braids hairstyle Photo credits

19. Coiled Long Hairstyle

Man with coiled long hair Photo credits

20. Long Dreadlocks

Man with long dreadlocks Photo credits

21. Straight Long Hairstyle

Man with straight long hair Photo credits

22. Man Bun

Man with bun hairstyle Photo credits

23. Viking Long Hairstyle

Man wearing a viking hair look Photo credits

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