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20 Gorgeous Man Bun Hairstyles

20 Gorgeous Man Bun Hairstyles, October 21, 2019

by MWT Team

Man wearing a man bun hairstyle

What Is A Man Bun?

Not to be confused with top knot hairstyle, the man bun, also called the hipster bun, is a masculine approach of the long hairstyle in which the hair is gathered into a knot on the back of the head.

The man bun can be styled in many ways, according to your preferences, but it's very important to keep in mind that a long hair requires a good hair care routine based on your physical characteristics of your hair.

Tips To Maximize Your Man Bun Potential

Man buns have been a “thing” since before they were a thing, and they will continue to be a thing forever! There’s an ongoing debate on whether or not women like the look of long hair on a guy, and the results are inconclusive- it completely depends on the woman in question.

You can’t control how someone you’re interested in is going to react to the look you’re rocking, but you can control how well you’re pulling it off. A beautiful head of well cared for hair is going to look more stylish in a man bun than a limp, scraggly pile of greasy lifeless locks!


Is your hair long enough for a man bun? Be honest. A stubby little nubby little bun is fine for the gym or washing your face, but a stylish man bun it is not.

Pro tip: if we’re seeing more elastic than bun, you’ve got a few more months of growing ahead of you. To be enough for a man bun style, hair should be at least 10 inches long. Can’t commit to longer showers and fancier hair care products? Perhaps it’s best to move along.

It can be painful to go through that awkward hair growth phase between your stylish crop and the man bun of your dreams. Ask yourself if you’re ready for a few months of not being sure how to feel about your hair. And look out for windy days- chin length hair is the worst for flying all over your face.

One way to cope with the in-between stage is to get a layered cut. Tell your stylist about your hair growth goals, and ask for something attractive to wear while you wait.

One of the easiest solutions is a beachy, wavy look. If you have fine hair, you can grab a sea salt spray to help bring out your inner surfer. Visit your stylist once every 4-6 weeks to keep your ends from looking unruly. There’s a fine line between “let’s shag” and “shaggy dog!”

If you feel like your hair is taking forever to grow out, consider doing some research on hair growth products and supplements. There are a lot of false claims out there, but the right supplement can sky-rocket you to a robust top knot in no time.

Massage your scalp whenever you can. This stimulates the hair follicles and helps wake those little guys up.


Evaluate your hair. How much of it is there? If you have incredibly soft, fine hair, you may be better off sticking to shorter styles. The fellas known for their sexy man buns, such as Harry Styles and Jason Mamoa, have hair that is thick and wavy.

There’s a certain amount of volume and texture you can fake with a great cut and some nice products, but once your hair reaches past your chin, it can be a challenge to fluff up those tresses if there’s not much to work with. It will end up looking weighed down and flat on top- not such a hot look.

Try talking to your stylist about a look that will give you the carefree, flirtacious sex appeal of a man bun- without fighting what nature gave you.


Ok, so your hair is long enough for a man bun- congrats! Now it’s all about upkeep. You want Brock O’Hurn’s look without the effort? Let us know how that goes. Now for all you hair care devotees, let’s chat products.

Ditch the Dime Store Shampoo

You’re going to need a shampoo & conditioner that treat you right. No more 2 for the price of 1, no more dollar store, it’s time for a big boy shampoo. Try a brand like Brickell’s: they use organic natural ingredients and are free of damaging sulphates, scents and fragrances.

Brickell’s products are also great on curly or coarse hair, because they don’t strip your hair of natural oils- and they have moisturizing properties. Not keen on Brickell? Try something enriched with pure Argan Oil for some hair love.

Yes, these shampoos are an investment- but a little bit goes a long way, and we’re not going to be shampooing and conditioning every day. Which brings us to our next point.

Skip a Day or Two

Go as long as you can without washing your hair. The longer it is, the longer it takes your natural oils to reach the ends of your hair and your tresses are thirsty for it! Let nature take its course, and try a dry shampoo between washes if you’re feeling a little greasy.

Finding the right dry shampoo is a bit of trial and error, but once you find the one you love, you’ll be happy to take your grease fighting buddy everywhere you go.

Wear a Mask

Once in a while, your hair needs some extra love and attention. Show you care with a little trip to an at home hair spa. Hair masks are concoctions you run through your hair once every 2-4 weeks to boost moisture, increase shine, and prevent split ends. These masks are meant to be washed out after sitting in the hair for a while, so try one out the next time you decide to stay in with a movie.

No need to break the bank on a fancy hair mask- there are a lot of amazing recipes out there using ingredients you probably have at home.

Choosing Your Man Bun Style

There are so many ways to wear a man bun. Which one suits you best? Consider your face shape, lifestyle, and workplace when deciding how to style your strands.

High Man Bun

This is the most striking and distinct of all the man bun styles. If you have a softer rounder face, this can draw the eye upward, adding some dimension and the illusion of length.

This is the easiest look to wear when you’re working out, because it keeps the sweat off your neck and the hair off your face.

The High Man bun also looks amazing with a beard if you’ve decided to double down on your hair maintenance routine.

Medium-Low Man Bun

This looks nice and formal with a suit, so if you work in an office, or have a fancy occasion coming up, this is the look for you. Wearing a man bun on the back of your head or neck gives you a sleek appearance, and works best on men with angular jaws- or a great beard!

Undercut Man Bun

This look can be more bold or subtle, depending on how short you take your undercut. This is a versatile look than can help your facial features shine under your man bun. Just about everyone looks good with a bit of dimension in their hair, so go for it! But be warned- if you decide to grow out your undercut you’ve got a long road ahead.

How To Grow A Healthy Man Bun

According to the experts a healthy hair grows 1.5 inches per month and to get the man bun look you'll need at least 10 inches of hair, so you do the math!

1. Practice patience and you'll achieve incredible results!
2. Massage the scalp with your fingers in order to stimulate the hair growth and brush your hair regularly!
3. When washing your hair, use cold water to rinse out the conditioner, in order to obtain a shinier hair!
4. Cut 0.5 inches of your hair, once at 3 months, to avoid damaged ends!

Man Bun Photo Gallery

In order to help you out along the hair growth process, we put together a small photo collection of one of the most beautiful man bun hairstyles we've seen on the web!

1. High Man Bun

Man wearing a high bun hairstyle Photo credits

2. Man Bun for Thick Hair

Man with thick hair wearing a bun Photo credits

3. Dreadlock Man Bun

Man wearing a dreadlock bun hairstyle Photo credits

4. Formal Man Bun

Man with formal bun hairstyle Photo credits

5. Jason Momoa Man Bun

Jason Momoa wearing a man bun Photo credits

6. Curly Man Bun

Man with curly bun hairstyle Photo credits

7. Braided Man Bun

Man wearing a braided bun Photo credits

8. Low Man Bun

Man wearing a low bun hairstyle Photo credits

9. Low Fade Undercut Man Bun

Man wearing a low fade undercut bun Photo credits

10. Man Bun With Square Beard

Man wearing a bun with square beard Photo credits

11. Man Bun With Full Beard

Man wearing a bun with full beard Photo credits

12. Circle Man Bun

Man wearing a round bun Photo credits

13. Semi Man Bun

Man wearing a semi bun hairstyle Photo credits

14. Messy Man Bun

Man wearing a messy bun hairstyle Photo credits

15. Low Man Bun With Short Beard

Man wearing a low bun with short beard Photo credits

16. Leonardo di Caprio Man Bun

Leonardo di Caprio wearing a man bun Photo credits

17. Business Casual Man Bun

Man wearing a business casual bun Photo credits

18. Samurai Man Bun

Man wearing a samurai bun Photo credits

19. Jake Gyllenhaal Man Bun

Jake Gyllenhaal wearing a man bun Photo credits

20. Wavy Man Bun

Man wearing a wavy bun hairstyle Photo credits

Final Thoughts

Of course when it comes to man buns, the world is your oyster! You can play around with the style until you find something that expresses your unique personality. The man bun is here to stay, so start growing out that crop today.

Tell us what is your favourite man bun hairstyle!

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