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40 Amazing Silver Fox Hairstyles For Men

40 Amazing Silver Fox Hairstyles For Men, September 19, 2019

by MWT Team

Man with silver fox hairstyle

Silver Fox Hairstyle

We can all agree there's no better time than now to have a natural or dyed silver fox hair. Hollywood actors and Instagram male models are rocking this hairstyle with George Clooney and Nick Wooster being two of the most prominent figures of silver fox hairstyle.

Foxy Styles for Men in their Silver Years

If you’re fighting time by covering your grays, you’re seriously missing out on your silver fox status. Let’s have a chat about your grays and why they deserve to shine. First of all, no matter how much you spend on having your hair dyed- you aren’t fooling anyone.

Why try to compete with people 20 years your junior? You may be past the age of smooth skin and effortless hangovers, but you’re also past immaturity, insecurity, and shallow relationships. Embrace this new phase of life!

Nearly half the population starts sprouting grays after age 50, why not accept the inevitable and be the best looking baby boomer on the block?

Pop culture is full of silver foxes; Jeff Goldblum, Barack Obama, Tan France and Don Cheadle to name a few. These guys are aging gracefully, working their natural hues, and getting all kinds of red carpet love while doing it!

That said, these guys aren’t just rolling out of bed and letting their hair do it’s own thing. Rocking the silver fox look takes some thought, a little upkeep, and a lot of grooming.

Some see it as emasculating to put effort into your hair- we think of it as leveling up. You’ll love the extra hit of confidence that comes from choosing a style that works for you. Now we’ll tell you exactly how to rock it.

Style It Up

Finding a style that suits your face shape and shows off your wintery locks isn’t as hard as it seems. Take a look at our photo gallery to get those creative juices flowing, then find a trusted barber to help you achieve the silver fix cut of your dreams!

The Messy Look

Most “effortless” looks take a little more effort than people would have you believe, and this messy silver fox style is a perfect example of that. A bedhead look gives you an irresistible mix of artsy sophistication and boyish charm. This look is best for those who want to project an image that’s laid back, creative, and sexy.

This is going to look especially nice on a guy with a strong jaw and prominent cheekbones- it softens the intensity of your masculine features while still letting your rugged charm shine through. Soft jaw? No problem- grow a beard and have a facial hair expert help you achieve that angled line.

The Classic Side Part

This is a look that’s timeless, easy to accomplish, and versatile. You can rock a side part with a suit, or a simple t-shirt and jeans.

The side part can look good on any face shape because there are so many ways to style the sides. If your face is a bit on the rounder side, you can have your hair stylist do a fade effect to make you a bit more of an angular look. Side parts look best when they’re crisp, so visit your barber every 2 weeks for a quick tune up.

Try a pro blow drying tip: Take the hair on the deeper side of your part and hold it upward with a comb. Blow dry at the roots to give yourself some extra volume. This will elongate your face and make your side part a little more James Bond and a little less nerd-alert.

The Close Crop

If your silvery threads are getting a touch on the thin side, keep that cut close to your dome. Some men think growing their hair long can mask the appearance of a receding hairline, but it tends to highlight the issue. Keeping your cut short will look clean and sexy, and makes the hair you do have appear thicker. Take the plunge and go short.

The best thing about this cut is it’s nice and low maintenance. Because it is so short, you have a little bit of time to let it grow out between visits to the barber. If you’re not a product guy, this look is just fine without it. It wouldn’t hurt to run a pea sized amount of gel through your damp hair, but overall this look is no muss no fuss.

The Beard

No hair on top? No worries. You can rock a reverse silver fox look with a bald head and brilliant beard. Studies have shown that many women find bald men to be incredibly sexy, and well cared for facial hair can be a great way to grab people’s attention.

Talk to your barber about clipping your hair into a shape that best highlights your features, and don’t forget to moisturize with a beard oil or pomade to keep up a lustrous shine fit for a lion, king.

Care for your Hair

The style possibilities are endless, but one thing remains the same: Hair care is essential for you silver foxes out there. Gray and white hair is gorgeous, but needs proper attention to stay healthy looking. Everyone loves that sexy Anderson Cooper sheen, so here are a few tips to help you shine on like the diamond you are.

Set The Tone

Gray hair is in danger of looking a little dull. Grab a specially formulated purple shampoo and conditioner to keep your silver and white tones bright. The pigment in the purple product helps polish you up and rids your hair of any yellow undertones. These products can be found in hair care lines across the spectrum in terms of budget and will have everyone taking a second look.

Skip a Day… or two!

Gray hair can be on the coarse side, so over shampooing can dry it out. Give your hair a chance to soak up it’s own natural oils. Save your washes for every other day, or even every two days.

Slick it Back

Consider a hair oil or moisturizing pomade, depending on how course your hair is. The coarser the hair, the more moisture it can handle. Most products are best applied after patting your hair dry with a towel, and before blow drying.

Treat yourself! Your silver fox tresses will thank you for it.

Without further ado, we introduce to you our silver fox hairstyle photo gallery!

1. The Messy Look

Man with messy silver fox hair Photo credits

2. The Bro Flow Hairstyle

Man with silver fox flow hairstyle Photo credits

3. Comb Over Silver Fox Hairstyle

Man with grey comb over hairstyle Photo credits

4. The Regular Silver Fox Hairstyle

Man wearing a regular silver fox hairstyle Photo credits

5. Short Comb Over with Ducktail Beard

Man with short grey hair and ducktail beard Photo credits

6. The Viking Look

Man with long grey hair Photo credits

7. Short Slick Back Hairstyle

Man with short slick back grey hair Photo credits

8. Side Part Silver Fox Hairstyle

Man with side part grey hair Photo credits

9. Bald Head with Beard

Bald man with grey beard Photo credits

10. Silver Fox Butch Cut Hairstyle

Man with silver fox short hair Photo credits

11. Silver Fox Pomp Hairstyle

Man with Grey Pomp Hairstyle Photo credits

12. The Top Knot Silver Fox Hairstyle

Man with Silver Fox Top Knot Hairstyle Photo credits

13. The High Fade Silver Fox

Man with silver fox high fade haircut Photo credits

14. Medium Length Silver Fox Hairstyle

Man with medium length silver fox hairstyle Photo credits

15. The Hipster Look

Man with Hipster Beard Photo credits

16. Silver Fox Beard

Man with silver fox short beard Photo credits

17. The Asian Silver Fox Hairstyle

Asian old man with silver fox hairstyle Photo credits

18. Short Haircut with Full Beard

Man with short haircut and big beard Photo credits

19. Silver Fox Low Fade Hairstyle

Man wearing a low fade haircut Photo credits

20. The Wavy Silver Fox Hairstyle

Man with wavy grey hair Photo credits

21. The Silver Fox Dreadlocks

Man with silver fox dreadlocks Photo credits

22. Short Slick Back Hair with Beard

Man with short grey hair and grey beard Photo credits

23. Mel Gibson Hairstyle

Mel Gibson hairstyle Photo credits

24. Silver Fox Flow Hairstyle

Man with grey flow hairstyle Photo credits

25. George Clooney Look

George Clooney hairstyle Photo credits

26. Receding Hairline Hairstyle

Man with receding hairline and grey silver fox beard Photo credits

27. Modern Flattop Silver Fox Hairstyle

Man with silver fox flattop hairstyle Photo credits

28 Business Casual Look

Man with silver fox casual hairstyle Photo credits

29. Morgan Freeman Hairstyle

Morgan Freeman hairstyle Photo credits

30. Regular Mid-length Hairstyle

Man with grey regular haircut Photo credits

31. Jeff Bridges Hairstyle

Jeff Bridges hairstyle Photo credits

32. Silver Fox Quiff Hairstyle

Man with silver fox quiff hairstyle Photo credits

33. Regular Short Haircut

Man wearing a silver fox short haircut Photo credits

34. Short Haircut with Short Beard

Man with grey short hair and grey short beard Photo credits

35. Silver Fox Pompadour

Man with silver fox pompadour hairstyle Photo credits

36. Wavy Long Hairstyle

Man with silver fox wavy long hair Photo credits

37. Widow's Peak Hairstyle

Man with silver fox widow's peak hairstyle Photo credits

38. Silver Fox Caesar Cut

Man with silver fox caesar cut hairstyle Photo credits

39. Jon Stewart Hairstyle

Jon Stewart hairstyle Photo credits

40. Silver Fox Hairstyle for Balding Men

Balding man with silver fox hairstyle Photo credits

To Sum Up

There’s absolutely no reason to feel embarrassed about going gray- embrace it! All you need is a silver fox style that suits your lifestyle and face shape, and maybe a couple new products to hold it all in place.

Be the best version of your authentic self that you can be and people will take notice.

Tell us here what is your favourite silver fox hairstyle!

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