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15 Dope Top Knot Hairstyles for Men

15 Dope Top Knot Hairstyles for Men, October 10, 2019

by MWT Team

Man with top knot hairstyle

Top Knot Hairstyle For Men

If you’re looking for a trendy hairstyle that adds extra style to an undercut, the top knot hairstyle is for you!

The top knot hairstyle, also known as the top knot bun or undercut bun, is one of the hottest new hairstyles for men.

This unique hairstyle is a great way of combining two of the most popular men’s hairstyles of today, the man bun and undercut, into an easy hairstyle that will impress.

If you already have an undercut and are looking for a new hairstyle to switch up your everyday look, the top knot hairstyle checks all the boxes.

Unfortunately, this hairstyle isn’t always easy to pull off. With these tips, you can master the top knot hairstyle and start turning heads today!

Let’s get started.

What Is The Top Knot Hairstyle?

Top knot is a medium to long length hairstyle, in which the hair is gathered into a knot situated on top on the back of your head. The top knot hairstyle requires at least 3 inches of hair length.

History Of The Top Knot Hairstyle

The top knot hairstyle has swelled in popularity in recent years and is a great way for men with shorter hair to attain a style similar to the trendy man bun.

This hairstyle dates back to the 15th century Edo period of Japan and was a traditional haircut worn by men.

The top knot was especially popular among the powerful samurai as it was used to hold the helmet in place during battle.

There is a big difference between the top knot style worn during the Edo period and those worn by men everywhere today, however.

In the days of the samurai, a top knot hairstyle was created by shaving the top of the head and keeping the sides long.

The hair on the side of the head would then be slicked back into a knot. This traditional style is still sometimes worn by sumo wrestlers today.

In the case of most that sport the top knot hairstyle in the modern world, a top knot hairstyle is paired with the popular undercut.

The undercut is characterized by shaved sides and longer hair on top of the head.

This style became trendy in the early 2010’s and still hasn’t lost steam in terms of popularity.

When men with an undercut started looking for new ways to style their undercut, the top knot hairstyle became common once again.

Over the years, the top knot hairstyle was reinterpreted in so many ways and became popular when celebrities like David Beckham and Orlando Bloom adopted the samurai look. The concept of the top knot hairstyle is a mix between man bun, ponytail and undercut hairstyle.

How to Get a Top Knot

The top knot hairstyle is known for its ability to accentuate the face, creating a distinction between the hair on the top of the head and the shaved sides.

This particular hairstyle is most commonly worn by younger men but any man with an undercut can give this look a try! So how can you get a top knot hairstyle for yourself?

In order to get a top knot, you should first get an undercut. This can be achieved by clipping all of the hair on the back and sides of the head.

In order to keep your undercut looking styled and uniformed, it is best not to use scissors when cutting your hair. Instead, consider shaving.

Not only will shaving the sides and back of your hair result in a cleaner cut, but it will also take much less time than using a pair of scissors.

How to Do a Top Knot

So how can you go about doing a top knot hairstyle? To tie a top knot, start by deciding on placement.

As the name would suggest, the top knot should be situated on top of the head and fairly centered.

Before tying your hair up, it is best practice to dampen your hair and then blow dry it to create extra volume.

You’ll get even more volume if you blow dry your hair while pulling it up and away from your head.

You can then apply a styling wax to make your hair a bit easier to style.

Then, brush your hair back until it is smoothed out and gather all of your hair up, similarly to the way you would with a man bun or ponytail.

Tie your hair into a pigtail and then curve the hair into a circled bun. There you have it! You have successfully completed the man bun.

How to Style Your Top Knot

There are a number of different ways that you can style the top knot.

Most of the different ways to style a top knot are based on your undercut but there are different things you can do here and there to differentiate your top knot from the typical style.

Here are some of our favorite ways to style the top knot!

Top Knot with Disconnected Undercut

The top knot with disconnected undercut, also known as the horizontal samurai double knot, is a great way to stand out.

This particular form of top knot is less common among men but, when implemented properly, it can be very stylish.

To achieve this top knot style, divide your hair into two equal sections using the centerline as a guide.

Then, tie your top knot in the middle.

Top Knot with Hair Design

It isn’t uncommon for men to get a design in their undercut.

From a swirling effect to a tribal symbol, there are a number of ways that you can spice up your undercut.

By combining the top knot with your undercut hair design, you can make a bold fashion statement that is edgy and personalized.

High Top Fade with Part

This particular style of top knot is especially popular among hip hop stars and A-list celebrities that favor an urban style.

Positioned at the center of the top of the head and above the vertex, the high top fade with part is a top knot that closely resembles the classic high man bun.

The presence of a fade accentuates the symmetry of the vertex in this top knot hairstyle.

Messy Top Knot

While one of the most attractive things about the top knot hairstyle is its ability to highlight a man’s best facial features and create neat symmetry, that doesn’t mean it always has to be 100% tidy.

The messy top knot adds an extra bit of sex appeal that will turn heads. To create a messy top knot effect, tie your hair into a simple top knot as you would with a classic top knot.

Instead of using styling wax to smooth and style your hair perfectly, however, brush your hair back and let any misplaced locks fall where they may.

Does the Top Knot Hairstyle Cause Hair Loss?

One of the most common questions regarding the top knot is whether or not it can cause hair loss in men.

The answer is very simple: yes, but only if you don’t take the necessary precautions.

According to Dr. Hadley King, a New York based dermatologist, “hairstyles that pull the hair very tight can damage the follicle and cause traction alopecia”.

Traction alopecia is defined as the emergence of isolated baldness due to pulling the roots of the hair too tightly on a regular basis.

Don’t worry, though! There are a number of steps you can take to make sure that your top knot doesn’t cause any unexpected issues including:

● Keep your locks looser! There’s no need to pull your hair back as tightly as you can.

● Choose the right type of hair ties! Don’t use a rubber band, for example, to attain your top knot look. Rubber bands can snag your hair and taking your hair down can be very painful.

● Change up your top knot style! Some top knots require your hair to be pulled back tighter than others. Don’t rock the same look every single day. Switch things up and give your roots a break!

Top Knot Hairstyles Photo Gallery

For more inspiration, take a look at one of the most beautiful top knot hairstyles selection!

1. Undercut Top Knot Hairstyle

Man with undercut top knot hairstyle Photo credits

2. Braided Top Knot

Man wearing a braided top knot hairstyle Photo credits

3. Braided Mohawk Top Knot

Man wearing a braided mohawk knot hairstyle Photo credits

4. Braided Fringe Top Knot

Man wearing box braids hairstyle gathered in a knot Photo credits

5. Zayn Malik Top Knot

Zayn Malik wearing a top knot hairstyle Photo credits

6. Bald Fade Top Knot

Boy wearing a bald fade top knot hairstyle Photo credits

7. Medium Length Top Knot

Man wearing a medium length top knot hairstyle Photo credits

8. Long Top Knot Hairstyle

Man wearing a long top knot hairstyle Photo credits

9. Viking Top Knot

Man wearing a viking top knot hairstyle Photo credits

10. Disconnected Top Knot

Man wearing an undercut top knot hairstyle Photo credits

11. Low Fade Top Knot

Boy wearing a low fade top knot hairstyle Photo credits

12. Long Beard with Top Knot

Man with long beard wearing a top knot hairstyle Photo credits

13. Half Up Top Knot

Man wearing a half up top knot hairstyle Photo credits

14. Shape Up Top Knot

Boy wearing a shape up top knot hairstyle Photo credits

15. High Fade Top Knot Hairstyle

Boy wearing a shape up top knot hairstyle Photo credits

Tell us what is your favourite top knot hairstyle!

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