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50 Beautiful Bracelet Tattoos For Men

50 Beautiful Bracelet Tattoos For Men, October 13, 2019

by MWT Team

Man wearing a bracelet tattoo on his biceps

Bracelet Tattoos For Men

Call it whatever you like, bracelet tattoos for men are a hot look by any name. And they aren't going away anytime soon.

What Is A Bracelet Tattoo?

Bracelet tattoos are exactly what they sound like- a design that wraps around your body the way a bracelet would.

These are commonly referred to as armband tattoos, but they can also be found on a leg or ankle. And why not call it a bracelet?

The sexiest men are the ones who have a personal style and stick to it, without worrying about what's traditionally masculine.

Bracelet tattoos had their original pop culture heyday in the 90s - tribal inspired barbed wire anyone?

The aesthetic may have changed, but the placement is still the same.

A bracelet tattoo is great for a guy who likes a bold look, but can't be bothered with accessorizing.

Let's explore the bracelet tattoo trend, and how you can pay tribute to this enduring style without looking like you're in a late 90s early 2000s boy band. Unless, of course, you're into that type of thing.

What do Bracelet Tattoos for Men Symbolize?

A bracelet tattoo will change its meaning depending on the placement, design, and of course the significance to the tattoo's wearer.

Here is an overview of a few popular bracelet styles.

Clean, Black Lines

This tattoo is perfect for a guy who is bold, no nonsense, and minimalistic.

There are endless variations on this design in the tattoo world, some more decorative than others.

A black line can be a symbol of mourning - not surprising given the colour choice.

In the past, fabric armbands were worn and displayed in the days following the death of a loved one.

There is an idea that the armband allows you to "carry" your lost loved one along with you.

The tattoo can also be a practical choice for those who can't commit to a more specific design.

You may not love all the same songs and movies in later years, but a sleek design that accentuates your arm will never go out of style.

For purely shallow reasons, the plain black line tattoo can also be a great way to add some flare to the gun show.

If you work hard on your arm muscles and want to show them off, this look will accentuate what you've put your sweat into.

Barbed Wire

Barbed wire tattoos aren't going anywhere!

While barbed wire is considered cheesey by some, there are some beautiful, bad ass designs out there that are a little more sophisticated than the barbed wire of yesteryear.

And hey, if you prefer that 90s Nick Lachey look? More power to you! Don't let the haters prevent you from getting something that makes you happy.

In more symbolic terms, a barbed wire can convey a struggle with inner demons, or difficulty being vulnerable.

Barbed wire is designed to keep people away, so it can be a metaphor for the hardship that kept you at a distance from the people you love.

It can also be something people get to remind themselves of their time served in prison, or their dedication to Christian beliefs.

Barbed wire is a reminder for some of the crown of thorns Jesus wore on the cross.


Celtic designs are some of the most popular options when it comes to bracelet tattoos for men.

Celtic designs vary in their interpretation depending on the design.

Generally speaking, an endless ring of knots, a common motif in Celtic folklore and art is a symbol of eternity.

Celtic designs often incorporate the number three to represent father, son, and holy spirit.

Though this is a very religious connotation, it is versatile.

In paganism the "holy trinity" is the life cycle of maiden, mother, crone and could be a beautiful tribute to the women in your life.

In the school of new age, "spiritual but not religious" philosophy, the number three can simply stand for mind, body and spirit.

An easy interpretation of any Celtic bracelet tattoo is that the wearer is of Celtic descent.

In fact, this is the best reason to get any design with strong links to a specific culture: to honour your backstory.

It's becoming increasingly less acceptable to take something from another culture for purely aesthetic reasons.

Something you connect with in your bones is a great way to enjoy the beauty of a group of people without appropriating them.

That said, Celtic traditions may have found their way to your heart without being in your blood.

It's all about choosing something mindfully and respectfully.


Generally speaking, when someone is speaking about a "tribal" arm-band or leg-band tattoo design, they are referring to the bold and intricate lines found in the Polynesian or Samoan cultural tradition of tatau.

Indigenous and Celtic symbols may also be referred to as tribal tattoos.

As you may have guessed, the meaning behind a tribal bracelet tattoo depends entirely on the tribe it comes from.

Each tiny line can have a particular meaning that may be interpreted differently depending on the way it interacts with the other images incorporated into your tattoo design.

If you are not from the culture your tattoo belongs to, you'd better do some thorough research and be sure you aren't getting a misinterpretation that you'll regret later!

Take a look at Ariana Grande, for example.

One way to embrace the tribal look without accidentally saying something you don't mean to say is to embrace the geometric patterns trend.

While geometric patterns can have spiritual meaning, they can also be completely abstract.

They are just as bold as a tribal tattoo, and you can work out a striking, one of a kind design with your tattoo artist.


Similarly, a wrist tattoo is a stylish look that men are wrong to shy away from.

Since wrists are generally visible, it's definitely a commitment, but it can be a really bold look.

You may wonder if a wrist tattoo will be painful, and you're right to ask!

The skin around the wrist is fairly thin, even on men who are generally born with thicker skin and nerve endings farther below the surface.

This may not be a great first tattoo, especially as healing can be tricky.

Your wrist not only bends and moves frequently, it also sees a lot of action (get your mind out of the gutter).

Handwashing and simple everyday tasks will put this tattoo in jeopardy, meaning you may need frequent touch ups over the years.

That said, wrist tattoos can be striking on men.

Those who look past their girly reputation will be rewarded with something that shows everyone you're not afraid to show off your true colours.

Photo Gallery

If you're looking for more bracelet tattoo ideas, you came to the right place. Scroll down and let us know which tattoo design is your favorite one!


Minimal bracelet tattoo design on forearm Photo credits


Bracelet tattoo design on ankle Photo credits


Bracelet tattoo with tribal design on leg Photo credits


Cupid tattoo on ankle Photo credits


Black and grey tattoo on ankle Photo credits


Small bracelet tattoo on forearm Photo credits


Negative space tattoo design on forearm Photo credits


Small negative space design on forearm Photo credits


Floral tattoo design on forearm Photo credits


Bracelet floral tattoo desing on forearm Photo credits


Watercolor bracelet tattoo on biceps Photo credits


Forest tattoo on forearm Photo credits


Small tattoo design on hand Photo credits


Negative space floral tattoo design on forearm Photo credits


Blackwork bracelet tattoo on forearm Photo credits


Hand with blackwork tattoo Photo credits


Forearm with watercolor bracelet tattoo Photo credits


Bracelet tattoo on wrist Photo credits


Two hands with watercolor bracelet tattoos Photo credits


Forearm with small bracelet tattoo Photo credits


Color bracelet tattoo on forearm Photo credits


Big bracelet tattoo on biceps Photo credits


Three bracelet tattoos on forearm Photo credits


Nefertiti tattoo on forearm Photo credits


Black and grey bracelet tattoo on forearm Photo credits


Wolf bracelet tattoo on forearm Photo credits


Arm with mountain tattoo Photo credits


Black and grey tattoo on wrist Photo credits


Minimal tattoo design on arm Photo credits


Small black and grey tattoo on forearm Photo credits


Lettering bracelet tattoo on forearm Photo credits


Cross bracelet tattoo on arm Photo credits


Lettering tattoo on forearm Photo credits


Landscape tattoo on forearm Photo credits


Geometric bracelet tattoo on forearm Photo credits


Large blackwork tattoo on forearm Photo credits


Man with sleeve bracelet tattoo Photo credits


Graphic bracelet tattoo on forearm Photo credits


Blackwork bracelet tattoo on forearm Photo credits


Black and grey bracelet tattoo on ankle Photo credits


Lion tattoo on ankle Photo credits


Two hands with bracelet tattoos Photo credits


Black and red bracelet tattoo on forearm Photo credits


Man with graphic bracelet tattoo on his arm Photo credits


Two hands with color bracelet tattoos Photo credits


Fish tattoo on forearm Photo credits


Large bracelet tattoo of a rose on forearm Photo credits


Arm with a color bracelet tattoo Photo credits


Negative space tattoo on biceps Photo credits


Forearm with hannya mask tattoo Photo credits

Final Thoughts

In closing, the possibilities are endless.

Have fun and let your freak flag fly.

Men's bracelet tattoos are something that will continue to come back in style, and they're a great way to show off your personality.

What's your favourite bracelet tattoo? Tell us here!

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