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Top 10 Minimal Tattoos For Men

Top 10 Minimal Tattoos For Men, October 4, 2019

by MWT Team

Minimal Tattoo On Forearm

Everything You Need to Know About Minimal Tattoos

With tattoos being pretty commonplace these days, there are tattoo styles to fit just about everyone.

Ranging from bold, colorful pieces to small, dainty designs, there are tattoo designs to suit any vision you have in mind.

For those who are new to tattoos or favor a small design that doesn’t get them in trouble at work, minimal tattoos have a lot to offer.

Today, we will be going over what a minimal tattoo is and offering answers to all of your minimalist tattoo related questions.

What Is A Minimal Tattoo

A minimal tattoo is a small colored or black and grey tattoo, which features a minimalist composition without shadows and only one color tone.

Often confused with one line tattoos, the design of minimal tattoos is far more complex and incorporates multiple elements of compostion, like a minimalist portrait tattoo or a minimalist flower tattoo.

If you are interested in a more subtle aesthetic, or a tattoo that can be covered up at work or school with ease, a minimal tattoo might just be for you.

One of our favorite minimal tattoo artist is Ahmet Cambaz, based in Istanbul and we totally recommend you to take a look at his work in order to familiarize with this tattoo trend.

Minimal Tattoo Trend

Minimal tattoos are getting popular these days and a reason might be that minimalism and tattoos are both forms of art.

When a talented artist puts them together there is born beauty. The purest form of beauty. The simple beauty. That undeniable beauty that each person seeks.

And what a better way to express who you are and what defines you, your culture and your thoughts than a beautiful minimal tattoo.

What are the Most Popular Types of Minimal Tattoos?

Are you interested in getting your own minimal tattoo but don’t know what to choose as a subject?

No problem! With the minimal tattoo trend in full swing, there are a number of subjects to choose from.

Here are some of the most popular.


It has become very popular to get the simple silhouette of your favorite animal as a way to show your love and appreciation for the animal kingdom.

This is a great idea for a minimal tattoo as it is simple yet very recognizable and easily interpreted.

Geometric Shapes

Believe it or not, there are a number of meanings associated with different shapes.

Due to such a variety of different meanings, geometric shapes make wonderful minimal tattoos.

You can say a lot by saying very little with a geometric shape tattoo.


As a more classic form of minimal tattoo, arrows have long been a favorite when it comes to minimalist tattoos.

If you’d like to get this classic minimal tattoo style for yourself, make sure to do your research.

There is an array of different meanings associated with arrows depending on how many arrows are present in your tattoo.

How Much Do Minimal Tattoos Cost?

Like any tattoo, there are a number of factors that should be considered when predicting what your minimal tattoo will cost.

How much your minimal tattoo will cost is based on things like your tattoo artist’s experience, the size of the minimal tattoo, and the placement on your body for example.

With that being said, you can almost always expect to pay less for a minimal tattoo than other styles such as watercolor tattoos due to the lack of color.

How Long Do Minimal Tattoos Take To Heal

Considering the fact that the skin tissue damage is smaller, the minimal tattoos heal faster than the regular ones, around 2 weeks. Nevertheless, you should avoid the sun exposure at least 1 month after tattooing.

In order, to speed up the healing process, we strongly advise you to use the best aftercare tattoo products and be patient!

Minimal Tattoo Photo Gallery

If you're planning to get a new minimal tattoo, take a look at our photo gallery and find the style that suits you best!

1. Detailed Pirate Ship On Forearm

Man with minimal tattoo on his forearm Photo credits

A minimal tattoo can be detailed as long as it is a small tattoo and the details are necessary to make the difference.

2. Organic Chemical Formula On Chest

Minimal Tattoo On The Chest Photo credits

Chemistry is everywhere. Life is chemistry. You can find something that defines you or makes you happy and you will certainly find a chemical formula for that.

3. Minimal Hanger On Top Back

Minimal Hanger Tattoo On Top Back Photo credits

This is the definition of minimalism. A small hanger that can represent everything for you and nothing for anybody else.

4. Little Palm Tree On Wrist

Little Palm Tree Tattoo On Wrist Photo credits

Palms are nice. Palms makes you think of holiday, sun, a beach and fun. Everybody likes palms, trees and nature in general.

5. French Bulldog On The Back Of Arm

French Bulldog Tattoo On The Back Of Arm Photo credits

This is one of Ahmet Cambaz work of art. We encourage you to check his Instagram profile for some top minimal tattoos.

6. Little Prince Near The Ankle

Little Prince Tattoo Near The Ankle Photo credits

Little Prince is a very nice story. Some would say is The Story. However, we really like tattoos with Little Prince.

7. Minimal Sailor On Arm

Minimal Sailor Tattoo On Arm Photo credits

You might have a passion or a very nice memory of something. You can extract the main action and put it in a beautiful minimal tattoo.

8. Latin Quote On Arm

Latin Quote Tattoo On Arm Photo credits

Latin quotes will always be there to remember you that people had always bright minds and deep thoughts.

9. Coordinates On Biceps

Coordinates Tattoo On Biceps Photo credits

We all are a small part of this infinite world, but we all have a place that feels like home and that place have coordinates. So? What are you waiting for?

10. Constellation On Forearm

Constellation Minimal Tattoo On Forearm Photo credits

Universe is infinite. People will always be amazed by this fact and they should be. They should look at the stars and remember what they are living for. You can get that stars closer, on your body.

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