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25 Awesome Owl Tattoos For Men

25 Awesome Owl Tattoos For Men, October 18, 2019

by MWT Team

Owl tattoo design on arm

Owl Tattoos For Men

While less popular in terms of tattoo designs for men, owl tattoos are often intricate in design and hold great symbolic meaning.

If you are considering a new tattoo, whether it be your first or an addition to your collection, an owl tattoo may be the way to go.

One of the best things about an owl tattoo design is versatility and depending on your chosen style, this visual can be personalized to represent you on a unique level.

Today, we'll be taking a look at the best owl tattoo designs for men to offer you inspiration as you plan your next tattoo.

From the different symbolic meanings to the diverse stylistic choices available to you, this article is the ultimate guide to the best owl tattoo designs for men.

What Does Owl Tattoo Symbolize?

When it comes to tattoos, we are firm believers that there doesn't necessarily have to be a well thought out meaning behind every design.

Regardless, owl tattoos are deeply symbolic and even if you're considering an owl tattoo based purely on aesthetic, it is important to know the cultural significance and symbolism behind these striking tattoos.

Wisdom and Intelligence

Though owls are regarded as symbolic in a variety of different cultures, perhaps the most popular meaning attributed to an owl tattoo is wisdom and intelligence.

This was especially true in the case of the Native Americans who believed the owl to be the guardian of sacred knowledge.

Owls were also believed to be symbolic of wisdom in Ancient Greece as the owl was widely associated with Athena, the goddess of strategy and wisdom.

As detailed in Greek mythology, the owl sat on Athena's blind side to grant her the power to see the entire truth of every situation.

As represented by each of these cultures, the owl is a symbol of knowledge and intellect.

If you are the kind of person that values education and consider yourself a knowledge seeker, there is no better way to incorporate these passions into a tattoo than through the wise owl.

Freedom and Vision

In the wild, owls are known for their unrivaled hunting abilities and freedom of flight. One of the most recognizable features of an owl are their great, big eyes that assist them during the hunt.

Though they primarily hunt at night, these hunter's eyes allow the owl to see vast distances with unrivaled vision- even in the dark.

With their majestic wingspan, owls are exceptional flyers and swoop down upon their prey with deadly accuracy, further establishing themselves as some of the greatest hunters in the animal kingdom.

These features are the reason that owls are widely regarded as symbols of freedom and vision.

For the individual who considers themselves ambitious and firmly set on their goals, there are few better ways to promote this trait than with an owl tattoo.

Owl tattoos are also a great choice for people with a wandering spirit who plan to adventure far and wide across the globe.


Finally, there is the slightly darker symbolism behind an owl tattoo.

Commonly referred to as the “Angel of Death”, some cultures consider the owl to possess certain supernatural powers that allow it to directly communicate with spirits.

They are also well-known in the realm of dream analyzation as an omen of death.

Such meanings are likely the result of the owl's accuracy as a lethal hunter, delivering death from above.

Striking out of nowhere, the owl descends upon its prey silently before ascending back into the clouds and out of sight.

This symbolism makes owl tattoos a great choice for those with a particular interest in the supernatural.

Selecting the Best Style for Your Owl Tattoo Design

While animals like lions, tigers, or wolves are often more popular choices for tattoo designs for men, owl tattoos can be powerful and masculine if the right style is selected.

Owl tattoo designs are, fortunately, highly customizable tattoos for men.

Whether you favor the classic black-and-gray style or the more colorful display associated with the new school style, owl tattoos can be personalized to fit your unique preferences.

The process of selecting the best style for your owl tattoo design may seem overwhelming but it doesn't have to be. The first step should be to identify what meaning (if any) you are assigning to your owl tattoo.

This can be valuable when it comes to selecting your style as the owl tattoo's design should be representative of your interests in addition to aesthetic styling.

For example, an owl tattoo that holds a supernatural meaning will likely be darker in color with an aura of surrealism.

Once you have chosen the appropriate style for your owl tattoo, you should seek out an accomplished tattoo artist that can bring your vision to life.

For best results, you should try to find an artist in your area that specializes in your chosen style.

This will make the entire creative process go much more smoothly as your artist will have experience with the style you want.

Owl Tattoo Photo Gallery

Now that you know a bit more about what makes owl tattoo designs some of the best for men, it is likely that you are looking for a bit of inspiration.

Luckily, we have compiled a list of some of our favorite owl tattoo designs for men to get your creative juices flowing!

Each of these tattoos is drastically different in style so no matter your preferences, there is likely an owl tattoo on this list that will match your aesthetic.


Man wearing an owl tattoo on forearm Photo credits


Owl tattoo on forearm Photo credits


Small owl tattoo on biceps Photo credits


Man wearing an owl tattoo on chest Photo credits


Color owl tattoo on arm Photo credits


Owl tattoo design on arm Photo credits


Owl tattoo design on biceps Photo credits


Small owl tattoo on calf Photo credits


Owl tattoo design on arm Photo credits


Watercolor owl tattoo on leg Photo credits


Owl tattoo design on leg Photo credits


Owl tattoo design on forearm Photo credits


Black and grey owl tattoo design on arm Photo credits


Small color owl tattoo design on forearm Photo credits


Owl tattoo design on calf Photo credits


Small owl tattoo design on calf Photo credits


Owl tattoo and skull tattoo on chest Photo credits


Owl tattoo design on calf Photo credits


Owl tattoo design on shoulder Photo credits


Color owl tattoo design on forearm Photo credits


Man wearing an owl sleeve tattoo Photo credits


Man wearing an owl tattoo on his back Photo credits


Owl tattoo design on calf Photo credits


Owl tattoo design with lettering on forearm Photo credits


Man wearing an owl tattoo with japanese temple tattoo on his arm Photo credits

What's your favourite owl tattoo? Tell us here!

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